2023 Freeride filmfestival Honorable Mention
2024 NMIIFF honorable mention

didi, दिदि, big sister

Not all mountains are created equal. But those who live, work and play in them are. Home to the world’s highest peaks, Nepal is at the forefront of mountaineering but in other ways it lags behind. Women are still subject to archaic traditions including forced marriage, and few make it into mountain jobs. Dawa Yangzum Sherpa Sherpa is an exception. As the first Nepali woman to become an international mountain guide, she understands that there’s more to the mountains than summits and sporting success. And she’s not alone. 

"Snowboarding is more than just collecting medals on a shelf; it’s also about meeting people and living extraordinary moments." M.Haerty

Marion Haerty’s record on the Freeride World Tour is legendary. But now she’s focused on legacy. "DIDI" follows her as she travels to Nepal to meet Dawa and combine forces on a two-part mission. With support from local female guides and sherpas, Marion attempts her first 6,000m peak with Dawa and together they celebrate women who, despite the difficulties, have carved out a different destiny for themselves.

"This film is about sport as an emancipation tool, building role models for future generations of women." A.Cenci

The team

Athletes: Marion Haerty, Dawa Yangzum Sherpa
Featuring: Furdiki Sherpa, Mingma Doma Sherpa, Maya Rai, Furba Chaamji Sherpa
Directors: David Arnaud, Alicia Cenci
Producer: Alicia Cenci
Executive producer: Simon Brizard
Cinematography: Tom Weber, Mathis Dumas, Alicia Cenci
Editors: David Arnaud, Alicia Cenci
Sound mix: Thomas Roche - Mix et Mouse
Colorists: Claudia Lederer, Florian Briet
Translation: Jenna Keller, Pemba Sherpa
Music: Audiio

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